Adult Film Star Lisa Ann Arrested During Matt Rife Show In NYC – And The Comments Were Exactly What You’d Expect

Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann

Maybe the police just didn’t recognize her with her clothes on?

Lisa Ann is one of the more…recognizable adult film stars over the past decades for her work parodying Sarah Palin in her Nailin’ Palin series.

The 51-year old “actress,” whose real name is Lisa Ann Corpora, is now retired, though she remains one of the most successful porn stars in the world.

But last night, Lisa Ann found herself in handcuffs (and not in the bedroom) after being escorted out of a show by comedian Matt Rife at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

According to TMZ, it all started about 20 minutes into the show when Lisa Ann and her group were accused of using their cell phones, which is a generally prohibited during comedy shows.

The three of them were told by staff that they would need to leave, and NYPD says that’s when they got a call for a group that was being disorderly and interrupting the show.

When NYPD showed up, they thought something “seemed off” with Lisa Ann, and thought she might have been having a psychiatric episode. So they called for an ambulance to take the adult film star to the hospital under a “5150” psychiatric hold.

Well apparently when the ambulance showed up they didn’t see any reason to take her to the hospital, so police gave Lisa Ann (who staff said had already had “a few drinks” by that point) an ultimatum to either leave or be arrested.

And, well, based on the video posted by the porn star, we see how that ended up.

The video shows Lisa Ann being marched off by police while screaming that she did nothing wrong:

“I did nothing wrong. I didn’t touch my phone. I wanted to see Matt Rife, because he’s a friend of mine. And I go to jail!”

She further explained the situation in a post on Instagram:

“Tonight was the first time thr stars aligned and I was able to see Matt Rife at Radio City Music Hall for the first time live, in person.

Matt and I connected after he hosted the AVN awards and I could not attend as I was standing up my date.

Flash forward.. tonight. The stars align and I can see his show at my favorite venue Radio City Music Hall.
Seats 2 rows from stage, and quickly I am told not to be on my phone. I was not on my phone, so no worries right???! Yup – till I am accused of being on my phone and dragged out in handcuffs.
It was then NYPD offered me 2 options
1. To be stressed and processed
2. To be 51/50 and taken to a hospital.

I know I did not deserve either – I also knew whatever showed up first would be my option.
An ambulance arrives ..
I’m still handcuffed an hour later, I let the NYPD speak to the paramedics to decide my destiny.
As soon as the NYPD leave me in the ambulance in handcuffs the onboard paramedic speaks to me.
This is the first time in N hour of being handcuffed anyone had addressed me.
She was kind. She was honest, she asked me what took place.
As I shared my side of what may me a huge misunderstanding, she verified that NO ONE had the right to hold me against my will in handcuffs for over an hour over a comedy show at Radio City Music Hall.

So much for enjoying a night in the city Matt Rife

Everyone knows how much I love NYC but after being tossed around in handcuffs it’s all different now.”

And the internet quickly took to the comments to express their opinion on the situation – and make the same (hilarious) jokes:

If she ever does decide to come out of retirement, I guess we know what the plot of her next movie will be.

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