Holy Cross Swim Team Acts As Free Throw Distraction During Holy Cross – Boston University Game

Holy Cross swim team

January madness…

That doesn’t have the same ring as “March Madness,” but it’s madness nonetheless. A Monday night matchup in the Patriot League between the Holy Cross Crusaders and the Boston University Terriers (they are the Boston Terriers) got a little rowdy, to say the least.

In a middle-of-the-pack college basketball clash in Worcester, Massachusetts, Boston University (8-13) was slightly ahead of Holy Cross (5-16), and the Crusaders were pulling out all of the stops to try and get back into contention.

They decided to recruit in some help from another athletic program on campus to act as a distraction during Boston University’s free throw attempts, and it’s one of the best distraction efforts I’ve ever seen. And yes, I’ve seen the video of the infamous “Curtain of Distraction” that Arizona State did way back when.

While Boston University’s Ethan Okwuosa was at the free throw line to shoot two shortly before halftime, the entire men’s swimming and diving team (dressed in speedos, goggles, and swim caps) came running out of some double doors off to the side of the gym.

Once they got behind the backboard, the group of scantily clad guys started waving their arms to try and throw off the Boston player’s free throw attempts. Somehow, the Terrier player was unfazed by the hilarious distraction technique, knocking down both of his shots.

Still though, you have to give the Holy Cross men’s swimming and diving credit for their sticktoitiveness and ability to deflect embarrassment. They were willing to put it all out there (literally) to try and help their basketball team steal away a couple of points from their opponent.

Check it out:

I just love that after they fulfilled their distractive duties, they ran back to the double doors and out of the gym as if they were only allowed to be inside the building when free throws were being shot.

And by doing the humiliating act as a team, they surely created a memory that they’ll remember forever, while other people in certain sections of the gymnasium will forever wish they could forget what they saw.

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