Kentucky Man Kickboxes A Deer In His Backyard

man kickboxes deer

What in the backwoods is this?

At this point I’m pretty used to watching videos of people and wildlife interacting. Sometimes it’s cool, sometimes it’s funny, but sometimes, like this video, it’s a little bit of everything and puts my head straight into a blender.

Somewhere in Kentucky, a long haired man woke up and went to go make his morning coffee when things went terribly awry.

Somehow, he wound up getting into a 5 minute long backyard kickboxing match with a deer.

That’s right, this guy held his ground and traded blows with a deer, blocking hooves and landing front kicks before even a sip of coffee.

Are you as confused as I am?

Here’s what the video shows…

A woman walks outside and sees what I assume to be her husband or boyfriend fighting a deer, which is a wild thing to see first thing in the morning. She starts filming (obviously) while asking him some questions about what’s going on and he seems to be just as perplexed by the whole thing as she is.

You can hear him say:

“I’ve been sitting here doing this for 5 minutes… Am I f*cking dreaming?”

The woman then asks how he saw the deer (odd question given the circumstances) and while continuing to brawl, replies:

“I don’t know why it’s so f*cking mean! The f*ck. Stop motherf*cker. What’s your deal?”

The woman asks if he just looked out his window (again, strange to focus on how he saw the deer, not on how he wound up kickboxing it) and he says:

“I was making my f*cking coffee.”

Yeah, that doesn’t exactly clear anything up…

One thing I can say with certainty is this guy trains. His kicks were sharp and he was very much in control of his actions so he didn’t actually hurt the deer. Eventually he’s able to take its back, control the front legs, and hold onto it to make it stop charging at him.

The clip ends with the guy releasing the deer and trying to escape, which we assume he does since I’m thinking the lady would have kept filming if the fighting continued.

I mean, of all the things you think may happen first thing in the morning, getting into a kickboxing match with a deer before you’ve even had your coffee is certainly not one of them…

Shoutout to this guy for holding his ground and showing why knowing how to throw kick and defend yourself is important.

I think I want to be this guy’s friend.

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