Reporter Asks Hunter Biden What Kind Of Crack He Normally Smokes During Appearance In Congress

Hunter Biden
Fox News

Asking the hard-hitting questions…

Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, made a surprise appearance on Capitol Hill today to appear before two committees that are seeking to hold him in contempt of Congress.

Both the House Oversight Committee and the House Judiciary Committee are seeking to hold the president’s son in contempt after Hunter refused their demands to testify behind closed doors in their inquiries into his father’s impeachment. Hunter has stated that he will testify publicly, but has so far been unwilling to meet Republican demands for a closed-door interview, and has defied their attempts to subpoena his testimony.

The president’s embattled son is also facing criminal charges on two tax cases.

Of course Hunter has faced very public scrutiny over his past, admitting that he’s struggled with drug addiction and fathered a child with a stripper that he met in Washington, D.C. And he’s also been forced to deal with the fallout of the contents of his laptop, which include both embarrassing pictures and troubling emails.

So when Hunter arrived in Congress today, a reporter got straight to the point while the president’s son was surrounded by press ahead of the hearings:

“What kind of crack do you normally smoke Mr. Biden?”

For the record, neither Hunter Biden nor his attorneys answered the question.

It’s not clear which reporter it was that shouted the question, and Biden refused to give any comments (on crack or anything else) during his appearance, walking out of the hearing ahead of questioning from Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The hearing also got heated when Representative Nancy Mace called for Hunter to be arrested on the spot:

So as expected, Hunter Biden’s unannounced appearance came with plenty of fireworks. But over on Twitter (or X, or whatever), people couldn’t help but laugh about the reporter’s blunt question over Hunter’s preferences in crack cocaine:

Just another day in the halls of Congress.

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