Kansas City Chiefs’ New Hallmark Christmas Movie-Inspired Postseason Hype Video Is 100% For Their New Taylor Swift Fanbase

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Kansas City Chiefs

When I was growing up, I could always count on walking into the living room in December to my mom binge watching Hallmark Christmas movies. You know, the movies with a hundred different names with all the same plot…  big city woman goes back to her small hometown for the holidays while in some sort of distress, only to find the young, single dude who works in the local candle shop downtown. Maybe he’s an old flame who is newly single after his wife died of cancer, or maybe he’s some shockingly good-looking stranger who works at the gas station when he could be in New York modeling for Ralph Lauren. But sure enough, sparks fly, they fall in love, and they both save the spirit of Christmas together.

Yeah, I’ve had to pain myself through these movies a few times in my life…

However, as much as I may dislike these cheesy Christmas movies, I have to admit that this idea from the Kansas City Chiefs is pretty funny. Why? You’ll see in a moment…

The Chiefs’ Twitter account shared a video with the caption:

“Don’t forget just how magical the postseason can be”

And sure enough, the Chiefs dropped a Hallmark Christmas movie-inspired satire trailer, except instead of the holidays, this one is about the postseason.

The trailer features all of the basic elements of a Hallmark movie. A sad girl can’t get in the mood for the postseason because her fiancé left her on her wedding day for a playoff game three years prior, but her opinions change when she meets the local, single candle shop worker who is secretly a die hard Chiefs fan, but doesn’t want to tell her. Sparks fly and finally, the postseason is magical again. It stars a number of famous faces, as well as country singer Kameron Marlowe and Travis Kelce’s mom, Donna (no Taylor Swift though).

I’ve gotta admit, this is A1 creativity here, and we all know why they did it, right? Because half their fanbase is Taylor Swift fans now. Sure, you have your regular Chiefs fans, the same ones who have been rooting for the team for years, but you also have all these new fans, Swiftie weirdos who now spend Sunday afternoons Googling “what is a false start?” as they hope for a glimpse of T-Swizzle in the press box.

This video… is for them. We all know it…

Check it out:

And for the rest of you Chiefs fans… I guess you have this one (even though Christmas is over):

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