Dad Of The Year Figures Out The Ultimate Sledding Hack

Sledding with cord

While the rest of us are playing checkers, this dad is busy playing chess.

When a snow day rolls around (and they don’t seem to as often as they used to), there’s nothing better than brushing the dust off the ol’ sled that’s been stuffed in the attic and hitting the slopes. I’ve got a number of core memories from my childhood that consist of myself and my friends sledding for hours on end. There was always just one problem…

Walking back up the hill.

Unless you happen to live near a ski resort, there was only one way back up the hill, and that was putting one foot in front of the other and trekking to the top. If you were lucky, someone had a four-wheeler or something to transport you back to the peak, but for the most part, there was no makeshift ski lift that was going to make your life easier.

And I say that, but this dad would beg to differ after he figured out that he could solve the walking up the hill problem with some strong wire, a spindle, and a heavy duty drill.

His trip to the nearest sledding hill with his daughter was made a lot less strenuous thanks to his ingenuity. The dad tied his daughter’s saucer sled to the spindle, and when she got all the way down to the bottom, he would simply use the drill to reel back the wire and pull her sled back up to the top of the hill.

Such a simple idea, yet as you’ll see in the video below, incredibly effective:

How about that?

I’m assuming he’s got a toolbox full of back up batteries just off to the side that we can’t see. I’d imagine pulling the sled up the hill (with his daughter in tow) over and over again would wear out a battery pack rather quickly.

But at the end of the day, this guy has the whole dad thing figured out. I’d love to see some of the other life hacks, or some might say “dad hacks,” that this man has come up with to make his life easier.

Instagram users were mostly in awe of the clever idea that the father came up with, while others said that walking back up the hill after you sled down it is something every kid must experience for personal growth:

“That’s a strong ass drill damn.”

“Coolest dad in 2024 so far.”

“Lotta life lessons learned climbing back up that hill that this kid will never learn.”

“Tell me you’ve won 2024 without telling me you’ve won 2024.”

“Now he just needs a lawn chair and hot chocolate.”

Dad of the year, right here.

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