Jelly Roll Grants Dying Wish For Tennessee Grandma: “He Made Me Feel Like I Was So Special”

Jelly Roll
Melissa Routh

Another day, another story about Jelly Roll being pretty much the nicest guy on the planet.

The rapper-turned-country star is in the headlines a lot these days, but it’s as much for giving back to others as it is for his music.

The Nashville native recently wrapped up the largest toy drive in the city’s history, collecting toys for nearly 8,000 children in the Middle Tennessee area.

And he frequently visits jails and prisons to meet with inmates, a cause that’s especially personal to him after spending nearly a decade locked up after being arrested for armed robbery at the age of 15.

But it seems like there’s nobody that Jelly Roll won’t go out of his way to help, which is one reason that you can’t help but love the guy regardless of what you think of his music.

The most recent story of Jelly Roll’s big heart comes from a Columbia, Tennessee woman who’s suffering from a terminal illness.

Sharon Brown suffers from early-onset dementia caused by an aneurysm, and is also in renal failure after choosing not to undergo dialysis.

The Middle Tennessee-area grandma also happens to be a huge fan of Jelly Roll – though she admits you might not look at her and immediately assume that she’s a Jelly Roll fan:

“I think they’re shocked because of my age and my white hair.”

But Brown not only has a matching tattoo with her daughter Melissa in honor of Jelly Roll, but she’s even had her daughter take her to see the Antioch church the singer grew up attending – which is also the cover of his debut country album, Whitsitt Chapel.

Well when Jelly Roll was performing at the Antioch Walmart as part of his toy drive, Melissa told one of his team members about her mom, and that her dying wish was to meet her favorite singer.

And of course, Jelly Roll came through.

Sharon was able to meet the superstar backstage at a show at the Grand Ole Opry, and though they often say you shouldn’t meet your heroes, it sounds like this is one meeting that Sharon will be thankful for the rest of her life:

“He gave me so many hugs. He made me feel like I was so special. He told me I only looked 50!”

You love to see it. Good guy Jelly Roll, coming through once again to help others.

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