“What The F**k?” – Kid Learns At A Young Age That Golf Is A Cruel Sport

kid golfing

Teach em’ while they’re young.

Anyone that has ever played golf (regular or mini) knows that the game can be a cruel, unforgiving sport. I’m sure you’ve heard the reason why golf is called golf, right? Because all of the other four letter words are taken.

And one of those other four letter words came into play in this video, where a young kid found out that life isn’t fair, and that golf is incredibly hard. While playing mini golf, this dude had a chance to tie his big brother, which is a feat that all little brothers dream of (second to beating their older brother outright).

His first shot on the final hole was perfectly executed, leaving the ball only a couple of feet from the cup and garnering a “yes, yes, yes” from the younger brother. He had the “tap in” to tie his older brother, so he quickly lined it up and gave it a run.

The golf ball hits the center of the cup, which is usually a good thing, but because the hole was so shallow, the ball bounced out and back onto the putting green. What should have been a tie turned into a temper tantrum, with the little kid looking right into the camera and screaming:

“What the f**k?”

As soon as the f-bomb was dropped, the father filming immediately went into “hey don’t do that mode,” which is entirely reasonable. The video cuts off before we can see if anyone else was out on the mini golf course, but if there were any other kids out there, they might have learned a new word thanks to the game of golf.

Check out the hilarious video below:

We’ve all been there…

That was the overwhelming response in the reply section below the clip, as fellow golfers rushed in to say how relatable this young kid’s reaction was to the game that can rip your heart out unlike any other:

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