Justin Fields Says There Is Nothing To Do In Green Bay Except Watch Football… But He Forgot About Wisconsin’s Official State Pastime… Drinking

Justin Fields
Chicago Bears

That’s my quarterback…

As we approach the final week of the 2023 NFL regular season, a number of storylines across the NFL are still in play… MVP talk, a few teams are still looking to punch their tickets to the playoffs, draft order… there’s a lot going on.

But the big question surrounding the Chicago Bears this season has been primarily surrounding the quarterback play of Justin Fields… Is he the guy? Is he the future of the franchise that has been desperate for decent quarterback play for years? Or, is Caleb Williams the guy? Should the team move on? And heading into Week 18, with the defense HUMMING, and Justin playing as well as he ever has, I don’t think anyone is closer to knowing the answer to those questions.

Flus seems to be sticking around (please fire Getsy), the players seem to LOVE Justin, he’s playing better… but with the #1 pick (from Carolina after Ryan Poles FLEECED the Panthers last season), they got a big decision to make in the offseason. As a Bears fan myself, I really have no idea would I would do if I were in Ryan Poles situation… none whatsoever.

However… in the immediate future, beating the Green Bay Packers and squashing their playoff hopes is priority #1, and believe me, these Chicago Bears are FIRED UP to make that happen. After that Week 1 ass-kicking at Soldier Field, that same embarrassing Week 1 ass-kicking that forced me to hide from my neighbors for weeks (I recently moved to Wisconsin from Chicago), nothing could help Justin Fields case like going up to Lambeau this weekend and hanging 45 points on Jordan Love and those Green Bay Packers.

And it sounds like Justin is looking forward to doing just that.

In this week’s press conference, Justin even threw a little shade at the rowdy Green Bay fans, pointing out that they’re going to be loud and proud this weekend because there is nothing else to do in Green Bay besides watch football:

Bulletin board material? Eh, maybe… but it’s almost a compliment to their die-hard fanbase. And he’s not entirely wrong… but he did forget about one other thing there is to do in Green Bay, Wisconsin…. drink.

Granted, drinking goes hand in hand with watching football, but make no mistake, these people up here in Wisconsin can put the cold ones away. Green Bay in particular. Think I’m kidding? Think that’s just a stereotype. Nah… cold hard facts. The facts are as cold as the beers…

According to 24/7 Wall Street Green Bay is once again the drunkest town in America heading into 2024, with a whopping 26.5% percent of adults drinking excess, nearly 10 points higher than the national average. And guess what town comes in 2nd place? Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Followed by Appleton, Wisconsin (which is pretty damn close to Green Bay), Madison at 4th, Oshkosh, Wisconsin comes in 6th (also fairly close to Green Bay), Wausau, Wisconsin in 9th and La Crosse Wisconsin in 10th… and then there’s 3 more Wisconsin cities in the Top 20.

The murderer’s row of drunks… it’s honestly, kind of impressive.

God bless, Wisconsin, eh? I do love it here, though.

Sure, I’m in enemy territory when it comes to sports, but you got fishing and boating, great hiking and outdoors activities. It’s not exactly as beacon of culinary excellence overall, but who’s mad at cheese and brats? Not me…

So while I’m looking forward to Justin and DJ and the boys absolutely demolishing the Packers in a revenge game this weekend, Justin is technically wrong about there being nothing to do in Green Bay other than watching football. There’s beer… lots of it. And people here drink a TON of it.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock