The Internet Can’t Believe This Darts Superstar Is Only 16 Years Old

Luke Littler
Tom Dulat/Getty Images

That’s a grown ass man if I’ve ever seen one.

Luke Littler is apparently quite the phenom in the darts scene, which I thought only existed in shady dive bars. But apparently it’s a whole sport with a sanctioning body and a championship and all that jazz too.

And Littler is taking the sport by storm since making his debut in the World Darts Championship tournament earlier this year.

Yesterday, the 16-year old from the UK took down his opponent in the semifinals for a chance to play in the championship and become the youngest player to ever win the darts title.

But the internet is having a hard time believing that Littler is actually only 16 years old…

I mean, 16-years old? Luke looks like he plays darts at the local dive bar after getting off work at the Jiffy Lube where he started working 10 years ago after high school.

But to be honest, he looks exactly like what you’d expect a darts player to look like, so maybe it’s just something genetic.

Maybe he DID grow up playing darts in smoky bars and it’s just aged him.

Either way, Luke the Nuke is one round away from making darts history. And in a few years, he’ll be hanging out in bars making middle-aged men look like absolute fools when they challenge him on the dart board.

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