Man Pranks His Wife By Making Her Think She Ran Over Their Cat With A Snowblower

cat snowblower

Dude, you realize she’s never going to offer to help you again, right?

A TikToker from Norway posted a video (that may or may not be staged) of a cruel prank on his wife, as he made her think she ran over their pet cat with a snowblower.

In the video, the man fills a bag with red dye and animal fur to bury underneath the snow before sending his poor unsuspecting (?) wife out with the snowblower.

And as soon as she runs it over, the fake blood and fur goes flying – and the woman stops in her tracks as she’s probably thinking about how she’s going to explain that Fluffy just got chopped up while plowing snow.

Now, is the video real? I don’t know. Her reaction was pretty instant, like she was expecting the blood and fur to go flying. And people in the comments were mixed on whether or not the whole thing was just staged for clicks.

But suspending disbelief for a second, just think about the panic that poor woman would have felt thinking she just turned their cat into ground meat.

And I’ll be honest, the blood and fur looked pretty realistic – so it was probably enough to fool somebody if they weren’t expecting it.

If it is real, there goes any chance that guy has of ever getting his wife to plow snow ever again.

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