Multiple Bison Break Out Of Moving Trailer, & The Driver Couldn’t Believe It

Bison trailer

Is it possible to have a worse day than this guy did when he was trying to transport some bison in a trailer?

When hauling materials or animals, you really only have one job: Get the stuff from point A to point B. Problems can arise when you lose the “stuff” somewhere between the two points.

I’d say that happens more often when people are moving animals from place to place, considering that there’s always the possibility that the living things could make a break for it. We’ve seen cows trying to avoid the slaughterhouse by breaking free plenty of times.

In this video, a man was attempting to move some bison in a pull-behind cattle trailer, and things didn’t go as planned. The truck pulls into a gated area from off the road, and as it came to a stop, the bison that were inside decided this was their best chance.

One by one, the bison started to pour out of the trailer and run away from the truck. Somehow, the door holding them in had swung open, and the man simply could not believe his bad luck as he watched the bison he was hauling run amuck near a busy road.

And shoutout to whoever put the video together for overlaying Morgan Wallen’s “Ain’t That Some” onto the video. Good luck finding a better song to describe how this poor man was feeling as he watched the bison he was hauling make a break for it. “Jailbreak” by Thin Lizzy would be the only thing close enough to give it a run…

Take a look:

That is a nightmare scenario if I’ve ever seen one. Hopefully that guy has a lasso in his truck, and knows how to use it.

Instagram users couldn’t help but laugh at the poor man’s misfortune, and left some funny commentary (as well as some things the bison were probably thinking) in the comment section below the video:

“‘Boys, this is our stop. Get ready.'”

“We’re the doors open to begin with? Did the Buffalo open the doors? Were the doors properly secured? So many questions.”

“Darn lucky they waited until he was stopped.”

“I think they had been planning this great escape from the get go.”

“That animal hopped out and just said, ‘Bye Son.'”

There’s always a time and a place for an animal pun. Beautifully executed…

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