Formula 1 Driver Clips A Deer At 112 MPH, Sends Car Into A Tailspin

F1 driver hits deer
Gustav Malja

I’d say that’s going to leave a mark, but I’m not entirely sure this impact is going to leave any deer at all.

Race car drivers have plenty of things to worry about as they speed along the track. They have to pay attention to their positioning, be mindful of how the car is handling, navigate tight spaces at breakneck speeds, and sometimes, be looking ahead on the road for deer.

There aren’t many similarities between us regular drivers and those people who get behind the wheel of race cars, though this video does bring to light an issue that anyone driving a vehicle has to be aware of.

On closed, circular tracks that NASCAR races typically happen on, something like this shouldn’t happen, but when you move into the more open, circuit type tracks, wildlife can sometimes play a factor.

It certainly did in this video, when professional driver Gustav Malja was testing out his new vehicle on what was supposed to be an empty track. He wasn’t having to dodge other drivers out on the road, but at one point, he did have to think quickly when he saw a deer up ahead on the track as he was going a cool 112 miles per hour.

As you might imagine, there wasn’t much the driver could do, and he ended up plowing right into (or over) the deer. It was a classic case of being in the wrong place at the exact wrong time as the driver was on a straightaway reaching the highest speed of the entire drive.

The driver POV shows the poor deer taking a direct hit by the front right tire, which resulted in the race car’s wheels locking up and the vehicle spinning out and hitting the protective wall. Was the wall there to protect the driver or the deer? That’s a good question, and the answer is that it failed to provide protection to either.

It at least stopped the race car from flying any farther off the track, and everyone (besides the deer) seemed to be okay after the fact. You can take a look at the wild footage below:

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