Security Guard Absolutely Railroads Fan Storming The Field After Tulane-Virginia Tech Game

Football game security guard

I have to admit, I thought the Virginia Tech Hokies didn’t have a prayer against the Tulane Green Wave in the Military Bowl yesterday.

The Green Wave had yet another impressive season, going 11-2 headed into the bowl game. As for Virginia Tech? They were an INCREDIBLY mid 6-6, and had a handful of really bad losses during the regular season this year.

However, the Hokies proved me wrong.

The game was close through three quarters, tied up 17 a piece at one point, but the Hokies absolutely dominated the remainder of the game, winning 41-20 in the pouring rain. The win marked Virginia Tech’s first winning season since 2019, and they had to beat a very worthy opponent to do it.

So, Hokie fans were absolutely ecstatic after the clock hit zeroes. Several Virginia Tech fans decided to storm the field to celebrate the big win and winning season with their team.

However, this security guard wasn’t having it. In fact, he was ready to send somebody to the afterlife.

Video footage is going viral of a security guard at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis, Maryland, absolutely obliterating a fan that was storming the field.

I mean seriously, this dude trucked this fan like he was Ray Lewis in his prime. And most comical part of the whole thing is how he looked completely inept, missing every person that ran by, until one easy target, a woman, got leveled, and then he went right back to missing people. Hysterical.

I understand that he was probably told before the game to not fans enter the field, but when you have hundreds of other fans running onto the field at one time and there’s no way you can stop them all, just let it be. No reason to send somebody to the hospital.

Just see for yourself:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock