13-Year-Old Impresses Lainey Wilson, Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen & More Singing “Heart Like A Truck” During Hair Appointment

Girl singing Lainey Wilson in barber chair

This is one way to turn the heads of some of the biggest players in the country music industry.

The Singing Barber is a TikTok account that highlights the musical talent of barber Noah Peters. And while Peters has perfected his bit, he decided to share the spotlight with a young girl named Rilee to his half a million followers.

Rilee is 13 years old but has a voice that sounds well beyond her years as she sits in the barber chair and belts out “Heart Like A Truck” by Lainey Wilson.

From the start of her performance, Rilee is carrying it. Typically, Peters will chime in on his guests, helping with harmonies, but he knows better than to disrupt the budding star. Rilee comes out of the gate with a powerful vocal and confidently delivers each word from the hit song. With her twangs carrying the country sound, he keeps the integrity of Wilson’s studio cut without trying to impersonate her.

“Sweet Rilee is only 13 years old. She has never sung in front of anyone. Lainey Wilson, I want you to see this!”

While hundreds of TikToks tag their favorite country music artists, it’s rare that artists see the comments as their inbox is flooded with tags. However, in this case, Rilee’s vocals turned the heads of numerous artists who are topping the charts today.

“You killed that Rilee! Keep it up.”

Luke Combs noted. Jelly Roll came into the comments section next to pass along some words of encouragement.

“She sounds incredible to be so young! Tell her to keep chasing that dream, keep singing from the soul, young lady!”

Morgan Wallen passed along some kind words as well:

“She got something special! Keep going.”

And, of course, the voice behind “Heart Like A Truck,” Lainey Wilson, chimed in and let Rilee know how impressed she was.

“Let’s go! Sing it, girl.”

Maybe Rilee will stand among these artists one day as the best in the craft, and I am sure that these comments give her a major confidence boost to continue to sing in front of people.

At the end of the video, Peters hoops and hollers with joy as he knows that she also has something special. Talk about using your platform for good; Rilee’s voice was just projected to an audience most dream of.

The video has garnered over 13 million views already:

@theesingingbarber Sweet Rilee is only 13 years old. She has never sang in front of anyone. @Lainey Wilson i want you to see this!!!! #singingbarber ♬ original sound – Noah Peters

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