Brawl Breaks Out When Eastern Michigan Player Sucker Punches Opponent During Alma Mater After Getting Beat 59-10

college football brawl

Who says these bowl games don’t mean anything?

We’ve had some great bowl games so far already, despite the fact that these days with the transfer portal and players sitting out to prepare for the draft, they’re often more about which players actually decide to play than they are who’s the best team.

One bowl game that was NOT great, however, was the 68 Ventures Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

The highly-anticipated matchup between…let me check my notes here…South Alabama and Eastern Michigan turned out to be quite the dud when South Alabama put a 59-10 beatdown on their opponents from the north.

And then Eastern Michigan decided to show more fight after the game than they did for the previous 60 minutes of football.

As South Alabama stood on the field and sang their alma mater after the victory, an Eastern Michigan player decided to run up behind the team and take an absolutely pathetic cheap shot at one of South Alabama’s players.

Now, punching a guy in the helmet is probably not the smartest idea. But then again, decisions like this also show why they just lost by 49 points.

The cheap shot then turned into an all-out brawl near the endzone, as coaches and staff rushed in to try to diffuse the situation.

Chances are the guy that started this is either a senior or won’t be returning to the team next year, so he probably didn’t have anything to lose anyway.

Although he may want to put some ice on that hand if he’s planning on using it in the future. Punching a guy in the helmet can’t feel good.


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