Rally Car Driver Crushes Deer On Track, Destroys Windshield, Keeps On Racing Like A Boss

Rally Car
Rally Car

If you ain’t rubbing, you ain’t racing, they say, but I don’t know if there’s a saying for this particular incident.

NASCAR is a pretty cool event but I’d say people who get in souped up rally cars and send them flying down wooded dirt roads are a bit braver, considering the lack of safety barriers (outside of tree trunks) and the possibility that some wildlife may run onto the track at any moment.

We saw a fan’s view of a hillclimber sending a deer flying into the tree tops and now we get to witness just what that looks like from the inside of the car.

This video comes from Lithuania where an Estonian rally car driver named Pranko Kõrgesaar was racing in the CBET Rally ROKIŠKIS 2023 when an unexpected obstacle ran out into the road, and of course, it was a deer.

According to Pranko, they were driving at 146.2 km/h (91 miles per hour in American) which means they had no chance of avoiding the deer and they absolutely slammed into it without so much as tapping the brakes.

The deer’s body ripped into the car, destroying the windshield and taking out part of the roof. I don’t speak Estonian, but it’s clear Pranko asked his co-driver Ott Kuurberg if he was okay, to which he replied that he was.

My goodness, what a lucky roll of the dice there. Not for the deer, but the drivers were able to escape unharmed.

And how about them just continuing with the race despite not having a car that’s even remotely okay to drive. Big shoutout to them.

Let this be a reminder to all my people living in the country that love to rip down backroads at night; You never know what’s around the corner and hitting a deer can be a very, very expensive mistake.

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