Jelly Roll Becomes Hilariously Shy After Being Flashed During Sold Out Arena Show

Jelly Roll

A bra on the stage is one thing…

Jelly Roll brings a rowdy crowd to his shows, taking his fans to church through his electric performances. While we have seen some wild things caught on camera during Jelly Roll shows, from weed being thrown on stage, Afroman joining him for a few songs, and Jelly Roll bringing up all walks of life on stage to sing with him…his shows are interactive for sure.

Why this video hasn’t surfaced sooner is news to me because this might take the cake on wild Jelly Roll show moments….it’s giving Koe Wetzel fans.

In October, Jelly Roll sold out the legendary Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. The atmosphere during the show seemed next level as the nearly 24,000 seater arena was buzzing with excitement to see Jelly Roll. A few fans were more than excited, though, wanting to give the CMA New Artist of the Year a little treat.

Mid-show, some fans got some (I guess you could say) well-deserved big screen time for letting it hang loose and flashing Jelly Roll on stage. Given his reaction, the fans must have been close enough for him to have seen it beyond the big screen.

After quickly spotting the bare chests in the crowd, Jelly Roll becomes bashfully shy, pulling his ball cap over his face, and walks away from the mic stand, turning away. You can see from the user’s video that he is giggling to himself about the moment.

While I will only insert the video of Jelly Roll’s reaction, you can click on this user’s page and see the entire moment. But…it’s the holidays. I will keep this site as family-friendly as possible so I don’t get coal in my stocking this year.

@jadawalkerrr 2 Jelly Roll concerts a week apart! 22nd birthday best one hands down! Love you jelly and so glad i was able to see you twice. #rupparena#jellyrollofficial #jellyroll #tigolebittes#kentucky#soldoutshow @Jelly Roll ♬ Wild Ones – Jessie Murph & Jelly Roll

Many people took to the comment section saying that they also caught the moment on video, meaning that these girls had their assets on the big screen for a hot minute. I mean, play here, you’re in the audience, you’ve got to spot what is going on, pull out your phone, open your camera app, slide it over to video, and then hit record, hoping to catch some of it still. That takes more than five seconds.

If Bunnie Xo was side stage, she might have come out to make a statement like she had during Jelly Roll’s Denver show earlier this year.

“We’re looking for a girlfriend to bring home tonight, too.”

@ohheyitsbunnie #onthisday #jellyandbunnie ♬ original sound – Bunnie 🫧

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