Hospital Worker Wants New Job After Employees Get Baked Potato Christmas Bonus…That They Will Be Taxed On


I love a baked potato bar, but not a taxed potato bar.

This is a first for what counts as a holiday bonus/gift. A woman, Amanda, who works at a hospital, is going mega-viral on Twitter (X) right now after sharing that her place of employment gave them a measly baked potato bar as their Christmas bonus.

“My work is doing a potato bar as our Christmas bonus. I’m literally getting a hospital potato as a bonus. They also said it has a $15 value, so it will be taxed on our next check.

Does anyone need an assistant so I can just quit right now?”

While I am sure you are just as disappointed as Amanda when reading this statement, according to her, this is miles better than their Christmas bonus last year, which included a Zoom leadership meeting.

“This is an improvement from the 30-minute Wexbex with leadership as our gift last year. It was a Webex because the year before, they had to be in the same room with us, and they’re too good and not doing that again.”

Amanda quickly saw the Tweet taking off and asked followers how she should handle this “Charlie Brown villain origin story.”

“Idk, you guys, do I show up with Tupperware and just get my $$$$ worth in sour cream?”

While sour cream DOES make everything better, are you getting taxed on this, too? While an Idaho native took to the comments saying that no potato is worth $15, Amanda said that the alternative was “too expensive” when it came to choosing the food bar option to gift employees with.

“Also, this was what they decided after deciding Frito pies were too expensive because the turkey chili would cost too much, and after striking a beverage bar of water, hot chocolate and apple cider was a no-go due to drink policies.”

This employer is batting 0 for 1 when choosing holiday gifts.

In the end, once Amanda revealed that there was no “opt-out” option for holiday gifts, she shared her glorious Christmas potato with her followers.

I will go on a limb here and say she should start looking for another job. While Amanda was able to provide some comedic internet relief with this thread, who the heck taxes their employees on a gift? Bonuses, I get it, but it’s a gift.

You already know where this is going… the comment section. Enjoy some of my favorite replies.

“I feel like everyone taking my tweet off Twitter should Venmo me to cover my potato tax.”

“Lemme guess… has this hospital also done gift certificates to its gift shop as a bonus? (this is a trick question. I think every hospital has done that at least once.)”

“Oh. My. Goodness. I think I could buy 15 POUNDS of raw potatoes for $15.”

“Look, I love potatoes as much as the next person, but f*****ck that place.”

“Tell me this is satire.”

“This tweet made my head hurt.”

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