“Your Mom’s Gonna F**king Kill Me” – Curious Baby Bison Runs Up To Man On Four Wheeler

Bison charges man on ATV

There’s only one thing worse than a bison attack, and that’s a mother bison attack.

Bison have to be the undisputed, world-wide leader in idiotic human-wildlife incidents. Just in case what I said there isn’t 100% clear, what I’m trying to say is that, for some reason, people don’t see bison as dangerous, and that often leads to some not-so-ideal encounters.

There’s a multitude of examples of bison being underestimated. People drive into bison herds and get stuck, get too close to the big beasts and get gored, and sometimes even get their pants ripped off by the furry bison. You would think stuff like that wouldn’t happen as often as it does considering how often we cover bison stories.

And in this incident below, things actually work out relatively well, comparative to how bison encounters usually go. The interesting thing about this video is how one of the younger bison calves tries to invoke violence, but the mother bison decides not to do what its offspring wants her to do (good on her).

The curious baby bison almost turned mama loose on the man on the four wheeler, but the mother bison simply didn’t detect a threat. If the man filming would have lunged at them, or picked a fight, I’m sure the bigger bison would have happily jumped into action. However, the man didn’t give her a reason to activate defense mode, so everyone went their separate ways after the encounter… unscathed.

As you’ll see in the footage below, the baby bison was squaring up and ready to fight, but it’s one of those situations where it had more “bark than bite.” Plus, it probably would have preferred to have some backup from its mother, and the mom was clearly choosing to play peacemaker in this encounter.

The pleas from the man on the four wheeler probably helped to deescalate the situation too. All I know is that once that baby bison is full grown, I don’t think I’d ever want to cross paths with it.

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