Wilderness Guide Is A Straight Up Sniper With The Bear Spray

Bear spray ace

I pray to the good Lord every day that I never find myself in a situation where I have to use bear spray. But whenever you are in bear country, you have to arm yourself with the proper defense tools and bear spray is a must.

Nobody wants to get into a staring contest with a massive bear while out in the woods, because we all know the creature has the capability to rip us to shreds if it feels threatened enough. Well, most people know that but I suppose the popular Instagram account Tourons of Yellowstone would argue otherwise.

However, if I ever did have to use bear spray, this is the exact scenario I would want to use it in. In this hilarious video, you can see a young bear roaming quite a good distance away from a group of people. Close enough to make you uncomfortable, but not exactly a half second from tearing your face off.

I imagine this is a guide scenario in Alaska somewhere, and he quickly decided it wasn’t worth the risk to wait until the bear got any closer, so he decided to use the good ol’ bear spray trick. And clearly it wasn’t this dude’s first rodeo with the bear spray.

With a steady wind blowing right towards the bear, the guide lets off a quick puff and you can see the bear immediately look up and stare directly at the man, confused as to what it had just heard. The burst of spray slowly makes its way towards the bear, and when it finally gets there, the bear immediately feels it and takes off in the opposite direction, straight into the woods.

I have to admit, it’s pretty funny watching the spray methodically make its way to the bear, and seeing the creature’s reaction once it gets there. The dude is a straight up sniper with the bear spray… it’s honestly pretty impressive.

Check it out:

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