Photographer Gets Headbutted By Stag, Breaks Expensive Camera Lens, & Doesn’t Even Get The Shot

Photographer charged by stag
Johno Verity

You’d think being a professional photographer would give you a bit of common sense on how to best take pictures, but that’s apparently not always the case…

Dan Milner is an adventure photographer from the UK who tends to focus on mountain biking and landscape shots, but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try and snag some photos of a stag he spotted feeding off the side of the road while driving in the Scottish Highlands back in 2011.

As he pulls up next to it, he calls out to it in a playful manner and all seems right with the world until the video cuts to show him crouched down directly in front of the now alert and seemingly aggressive stag to try and get an up close detail shot.

Yes, this story goes exactly how you think it’s going to go…

The stag feels threatened and immediately charges forward with its large antlers lowered, which connect with both the camera and Milner’s nose, leaving a gash in the middle of his face.

Fortunately, the animal backed off and we then get to hear his commentary in the seconds after the encounter.

“That’s a 1,400 quid bit of damage. Straight in my lens, scratched the front of it… That’s it, 30 years a vegetarian, just came to a finish.”

A quid is slang for a British pound and back in 2011, so that would be about $2,240 in USD today… so not by any means a small amount of money.

Plus, he got cut on the nose, and he didn’t get the great shot he wanted, AND the guy doesn’t even eat meat. I mean come on, I don’t know if can be more of a total loss than that…

Life will do that to you every now and again I suppose, although it’ll happen more often when you crouch 2 feet in front of a wild animal.

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