Bear Mauls Bull Elk In The Middle Of The Road, Drags It Into The Ditch With Ease

bear elk

Now this is something you’d never expect to see in a million years while casually driving down the road.

I’ll never forget driving home from my friend’s house around midnight a few years back, and going down the busiest road in my hometown. I looked to my right, and there was some dude walking a whole horse down the side of the road.

Personally, I thought I’d never see something crazier than that while driving, but ever since I started here at Whiskey Riff, nearly every video I’ve seen has one-upped that moment.

It’s uncertain where this wild scene went down exactly, but it’s believed to have taken place somewhere in Europe, possibly in Slovakia.

The video is filmed from a driver stopped in the middle of the road, as there is a MASSIVE bear mauling a bull elk that appears to be on its last leg.

You can see the bear chomping down on the elk’s back legs, takes a quick breather and looks around, and proceeds to drag the elk back off the road where it continues to bite into the creature.

The video is proof of just how strong a bear is, as it easily manhandles the large bull elk back off the road.

Check it out:


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