“Oh My God” – Massive Bison Charges Full Speed At Tourists’ Car In Yellowstone National Park

Bison in Yellowstone national park

Would you happen to know if your car is “bison proof?”

Anytime you see car commercials on television, they are always boasting all of the vehicle’s wonderful features. Some deep voiced spokesperson usually touches on the great gas mileage, rear and side video, and park assist, but you don’t ever hear about whether or not the car could take the brunt force of a bison running full speed right into it.

The only vehicle that seems like it would have a chance against a full grown bison would be the new Tesla Cybertruck, considering that Elon Musk, for some reason, wanted to be able to throw stuff at its windows and have it not break. You know, just normal things you would want your truck to be able to withstand.

I’m sure the couple in this video wished their car had the “unbreakable” features of the Cybertruck when they came face to face with a charging bison in Yellowstone National Park. The tourists were driving down a road within the park when a couple of bison ran up onto the asphalt and held up traffic.

Most of the vehicles on the road came to a stop to let the bison do their thing, as did the couple in the video below. However, they almost had to act fast and think later when the massive bison decided to get up to full speed and was heading right for them.

The man and woman were probably bracing for impact just before the bison pulled up and stopped right in front of their vehicle. Commentary from the guy (which was accompanied by laughter once he realized they were okay) in the video was priceless:

“Oh my God. Good morning….I think we should just hang out here.”

With the bison standing still and the couple looking at it through the windshield, the woman within the car asked:

“Should we back up?”

The man, acting like a bison expert (like any man would in this situation), responded by saying:

“No, I would just stay right here.”

That answer seemed to do the trick, though the woman responded by giving her own piece of advice:

“Don’t look at him. I don’t want the car to get rammed.”

And apparently that strategy worked, because the bison eventually turned towards the vehicle, but ended up walking right by it (probably a little too close for comfort) and off the road.

You can view the close call in the footage below:

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