Zach Bryan Stops Concert To Meet With 4-Year-Old Girl In The Crowd Fighting Cancer

Zach Bryan country music

Here’s just another example of music being one of the most powerful forces in the world.

Country music star Zach Bryan had the opportunity to make a little girl’s day during a recent show on his Quittin’ Time Tour in Melbourne, Australia. He’s already pulled out a couple of surprises in the Land Down Under, and this one featured in the video below is a real tearjerker.

A 4-year-old Australian girl named Laylah Tilley, who happens to be a huge fan of Zach Bryan, was diagnosed with leukemia early this year. The regular childhood that every kid deserves has now been filled with doctor’s appointments and chemotherapy sessions.

Laylah has since been battling the horrible disease receiving around the clock treatment, which has been partially documented by her mother Jess Tilley on TikTok.

And for a moment, Laylah got to forget about everything that’s on her plate when she attended a Zach Bryan concert.

When she and her mother went to the show, they also took a checklist sign with them that read:

“4-years-old, check. Middle of Chemo, check. Go to Zach Bryan, check, Meet Zach Bryan, unchecked.”

The goal for the entire tonight was for Laylah to have a great time enjoying the performance, and hopefully get the attention of Zach Bryan with the sign in order to check the box of that last item (meeting the country star) on the list.

Later on in the show, after Laylah had belted out the lyrics to “Something in the Orange” from the crowd, Bryan took notice of the sign, and made the 4-year-old’s dreams come true. Workers at the concert took Laylah up to the stage with her sign, and Bryan literally jumped off the front of the stage to meet with her.

Zach took some time to speak with her, and then signed his name in the unmarked box on her sign. Afterwards, Bryan jumped back up on stage and continued his performance.

What a magical moment for Laylah, and hopefully one that will give her the strength to help her kick cancer’s ass:

@jesstilleyy1 Laylah’s dream fulfilled.🥰 #zachbryan#zachbryanconcert #zachbryanmusic #melbourne#fyp#leukemia #cancer ♬ original sound – jesstilley
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