Swifties Freak Out After Tony Romo Calls Taylor Swift “Kelce’s Wife” During Chiefs-Bills Broadcast

Taylor Swift Donna Kelce
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Is there something Travis and Taylor need to tell us about?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce still have the world in a chokehold during NFL broadcasts. While some football fans don’t love the publicity that Swift gets during the games she attends, the NFL is now slowing on those money-fueled shots of Swift in the suites during the games.

Their ratings have been through the roof since the Swifties got into football, and while Swift did note during her recent TIME interview that she does not know when the camera is on her, more importantly, she doesn’t care if she:

“…pissing off a few dads, Brads, and Chads.”

The Brads and Chads can continue griping, but I doubt the shots of Swift will slow anytime soon, especially with how smitten they seem to be as a couple. But, during this week’s Chief’s game, broadcasters made a slip about their relationship, sending all the Travis and Taylor fans into an absolute spiral.

Tony Romo was commenting on the game when the camera panned to Swift in the crowd cheering for a great play by Kelce. Romo quickly changed his commentary to what was happening on the field to reflect what the camera was showing.

“As you see, Kelce’s wife, Taylor Swift, is in the audience.” 

He quickly realizes his mistake and begins to giggle, apologizing to those tuning into the broadcast, and his co-host, Jim Nantz, quickly chimes in.

“Not yet.” 

Swift also revealed that the two have been dating for a bit during her TIME interview; unless the two secretly elope, the relationship status remains boyfriend and girlfriend.

Fans of Swift naturally took to the internet after the slip-up, unwell from the moment. Many people made hilarious jokes about Taylor Swift’s publicist, Tree Paine, having to put out the media fire that this would start.

Broadcasters have to think on their feet, but Romo was thinking a little too far ahead, pulling that statement out. While I will admit… Kelce’s wife has a nice ring to it. Maybe it will happen one day…

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