The Internet Is In A Puddle Of Tears After Heartwarming Clip Of Elderly Man DJing A Wedding With CDs Goes Viral

Wedding DJ

Crying about a DJ was not on my to-do list today, but here I am in a puddle like the rest of the internet. A woman on TikTok captured a video of an older gentleman DJing a wedding, and it embodies the phrase “chase your dreams no matter what.”

The onscreen caption for the video details it saying:

“Went to a wedding, and they had the cutest old DJ who used his CD collection for the music.” 

The video clips show the man sitting behind rows and rows of CDs, and he has readers on as he maneuvers behind the booth, queuing up songs for the guests to enjoy on the dancefloor. The clip is beyond wholesome, and viewers took to the comments instantly, and they were unwell with how cute this is.

“Crying over an elderly DJ wasn’t on the schedule for today, but here we are.”

“I would simply be crying all night.”

“Instant tears. So wholesome. I wish him nothing but the best. I hope he’s happy.”

“I would just want to sit with him all night and see the music collection and help pick music and songs.”

“This would make me hysterically sob.”

“No worries. Just registered him with the US Government as one of our National Treasures.”

“Why do things like this actually hurt my heart? Can physically feel my heart hurting. The cutest.”

I mean, you really have to watch it for yourself.

@mirandameganne I dont know if he needs this job or still does it out of passion but he needs to protected at all costs #dj #wedding #weddingtiktok #djs #cute #weddingtok #music #dance #musictok #cd #innocent #weekendvibes #protectthisman #dancefloor #monday #mondaypost #nostalgia #djremix ♬ Outro – M83

This is more than a cute clip, though. The woman who took the video started conversing with the man, offering to help him with his business plan.

“I’m currently working on his business info – stay tuned.”

The man behind the turn table works for “The Music Man, Dj Service “ in Maine and has rave reviews on Google with an average rating of 4.9 stars. Brain Pheonix, the 71-year-old DJ, sent the uploader a special message thanking everyone for the kind words on her video.

“You dance to your own music, and if you want to keep going, keep going. Thank you very much, and I’ll see you at someone’s wedding pretty soon.”

So now, I’m officially a puddle. This is the sweetest story of social media lifting people up that I have seen in a hot minute.

You know he probably brings the heat to the dance floor, too.

@mirandameganne Replying to @𝐒𝐇𝐀𝐘 ♤ this comment was spot on ☺️ Brian is beyond appreciative of all the support he’s received from this. Not only does he have business inquiries coming in but he’s also been contacted by major news/media companies and television shows ❤️ THANK YOU for protecting this man!! @Miranda Dolph #og #dj #djremix #specialmessage #viral #fy #fyp #djs #music #musictok #dance #ty #dancefloor #wedding #weddingtok #weddingtiktok #weddingdj #maine #cd#mainetokk #71 #passion #thursday #cute #nostalgia #cdmusic #djs #vibes #vibe #genuine #followyourdreams #senior #noontime #weekendvibes ♬ where is my mind (piano version) – your movie soundtrack

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