Man Frees Deer From Fence… Just For It To Dive Headfirst Back Into It

Deer stuck in fence

And this is why we can’t have nice things.

We love a Good Samaritan story, and this man deserves all the good things coming his way after his. A group of people stumbled upon a deer that was stuck in a wire fence. Thankfully, he had some wire cutters in his truck and was able to help the deer.

They approached the deer, who was more than adequately hooked in the fence, and so they took the wire cutters to free the small buck. Like most deer, the animal was frantic to escape the traumatic situation. As the wire is clipped, freeing the small antler from the fence, the deer bolts backward down a small hill, gains his bearings, and starts to run off.


As he runs back up the hill, the deer is ready to launch himself into freedom until a part of the fence comes out of nowhere! The deer missed his launch timing and jumped right back into the fence, hooking him again.

Thankfully, with the quick turnaround from being freed to being stuck again, the man with the wire cutters couldn’t make it far. Making him a Good Samaritian, times two, he clips the wire again and frees the deer for a second time.

After being freed…again…the deer makes a clean getaway from the dreaded fencing.

Had the deer gotten stuck again, I think it would have been asking for the men to take it home with them. Can’t take this deer anywhere.

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