“A Masterpiece Of Dogsh*t” – Jazz Coach Will Hardy On Utah’s Embarrassing Loss To Mavs

Utah Jazz
Utah Jazz

Very little of what Utah Jazz coach Will Hardy is doing with his rotation makes sense to me. I realize that the team was missing the likes of Lauri Markkanen, Jordan Clarkson and Kelly Olynyk for Wednesday’s 147-97 loss to the Dallas Mavericks, but Hardy seems like he’s trying too hard to plug in lineups of pure meritocracy based on his singular, subjective point of view on who should play and who shouldn’t.

On the other hand, when your squad loses by 50, I don’t think it matters how you shuffle personnel around. Maybe your team just sucks. Or maybe it’s just that hard to account for Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving and the Mavs’ potent offense while not at full strength. Either way, Hardy stepped to the postgame podium and delivered an opening line for the ages:

What more needs to be said? I love this. If the players aren’t fired up over this kind of rhetoric, I don’t know if they have a beating pulse between them.

Good call here by an X user who thinks Hardy was calling upon his inner Dwayne Johnson:

Regular-season basketball can be a bit of a drag in the NBA. It’s an 82-game slog. The in-season tournament has helped the cause, yet seeing as how this wasn’t a tourney contest, it only further diminished the significance of the outcome. The Jazz’s collective energy reflected that lackadaisical mentality, leading to just a piss-poor product on the court. That is, unless you’re a fan of Luka carving up a hapless defense with pretty much no resistance from anyone.

Hardy did allude to the tall task at hand of guarding Luka and Kyrie and all the problems that dynamic duo creates:

…And was lamenting how Keyonte George couldn’t play at a level comparable to Luka in pick-and-roll situations:

It maybe asking too much of George — a rookie drafted just outside the lottery — for having a basketball IQ comparable to one of the five best players on the planet. Why George is starting over, say Collin Sexton is beyond me, too. Sexton is the more experienced player and is clearly better on both ends of the court. I understand the need to develop younger players, but uhh…at what point does that become a f*cking stupid initiative? Sexton is only 24!

Whatever, man. Will Hardy, go off and keep doing your thing and setting lineups however you want.You’re a 1-10 road team and maybe you’re trying to tank for a high lottery pick. I can’t pretend to know. If it gets you to press conferences fired up like this, at least you’ll be providing entertainment value for your team if the squad on the court continues to suck.

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