‘Oxford Dictionary’ Names “Rizz” The Word Of The Year… And Nobody Under The Age Of 25 Knows What It Means

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Your Oxford Dictionary word of the year is here!

Gen Z, you’ve really outdone yourself this year. According to Oxford University, the word of the year is “Rizz.” While I am on the cusp of being a Gen Z, I can admit that this word has never come out of my mouth, so without further ado for us old farts, thinking, “What the hell is rizz…” here you go.

Oxford Languages defines “rizz” as:

“Pertaining to someone’s ability to attract another person through style, charm, or attractiveness, this term is from the middle part of the word ‘charisma,’ which is an unusual word formation pattern.”

Rizz got tons of traction when Tom Holland used it during an interview with Billboard. During the interview, he talked about his relationship with fellow actor Zendya, noting he didn’t need any “rizz” because he was smitten with her.

“I’m locked up. I’m happy and in love, so I’ve got no need for rizz.”

Thus, all the Tom Holland fan girls began using the word.

After Tom Holland coined the phrase, it sparked a TikTok trend of people showing off if they had rizz or not when making their move on someone they were interested in. I will save you all from watching an example of this trend because it is so cringy it makes my skin crawl. Instead, this Tweet encompasses how we all feel about this being the word of the year.

Other contenders for the word of the year included Swiftie, situationship, and beige flag.

So basically, all the words of the year are phrases we’d be looking up on Urban Dictionary instead of something found in a respectable publication like the Oxford Dictionary. Gen Z, you’ve truly outdone yourself in making these phrases mainstream terms.

Though, I could write a whole blog on how this new reporter pronounced the word “Z” when sharing the word of the year.

@ctvnews Oxford University Press has named ‘rizz’ as its word of the year, highlighting the popularity of a term used by Generation Z to describe someone’s ability to attract or seduce another person. #oxford #wordoftheyear #rizz #explained #swiftie #beigeflag #situationship #genz #dictionary #news #ctvnews #nowyouknow ♬ original sound – CTVNews

“Really, they chose rizz.”

“Oxford getting their rizz on.”

“Well done, Gen Z, well done.”

“Rizz rizzed its way to the Oxford Dictionary.”

“Better than “goblin mode” last year.”

“Gen Z has taken over.”

“Obviously, 60-year-olds have never heard it.”

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