CBS Announces ‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Premiere Date

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I have to admit, as a big time fan of Yellowstone, 2023 has been a garbage year for the show.

It all started when rumors began to swirl that Kevin Costner was leaving the show due to conflicts in film scheduling, and ultimately, that the show as we know it will come to an end following the conclusion of Season 5.

And on top of that, the second half of Season 5 got pushed all the way to fall of 2024 following production delays, and of course, the writers and actors strikes in Hollywood. It truly is the end of an era, and you hate to see a show like this come to an end when its arguably in the prime of its life.

However, if there was a lone bright spot, it’s the fact that the first two seasons of Yellowstone have been running on CBS, giving us all an opportunity to relive the greatness of the first two seasons for those who don’t have any streaming platforms to watch it on.

And for being re-runs of an old show, it has done ASTONISHINGLY well in the ratings. The first season of Yellowstone brought in 6.83 million viewers and since then, has averaged 5.04 million viewers per episode… pretty impressive.

With that being said, Yellowstone Season 3 is officially coming to CBS now as well, and is slated to run on January 14th. The first three episodes will run on the 14th, with the next three to run on Sunday, January 21st, and then two on January 28th. The finale will drop on Monday, January 29th.

Check out the Season 3 trailer:

Yellowstone Season 3 Schedule:

Sunday, January 14

Episode 1, “You’re the Indian Now”
Episode 2, “Freight Trains and Monsters”
Episode 3, An Acceptable Surrender”

Sunday, January 21

Episode 4, “Going Back to Cali”
Episode 5, “Cowboys and Dreamers”
Episode 6, “All for Nothing”

Sunday, January 28

Episode 7, “The Beating”
Episode 8, “I Killed a Man Today”

Monday, January 29

Episode 9, “Meaner Than Evil”
Episode 10, “The World Is Purple”

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