“Christina Kardashian?” – Christina Aguilera Fans Think She Looks Unrecognizable In Latest TikTok Post

Christina Aguilera
Siskin/Getty Images for Vogue

Fans are coming after Christina Aguilera off a recent TikTok video.

With AI, plastic surgery, and the use of social media filters, there is no denying that some celebrities have been getting flamed for not appearing like themselves. Madonna had her time in the limelight for this, and now Xtina is in the hot seat for not looking like herself.

In a recent video she posted to TikTok highlighting what she kept in her purse, fans were floored to see the woman sitting in front of the camera. In full glam with a smokey eye, the “Genie In A Bottle” singer resembles the “essence” of Christina Aguilera but does not like the famed vocalist we all know.

The video racked up 1.6 million views in the short time that it has been posted, and the view count is not slowing down as fans flood the comment section, perplexed with the filter she over her or what kind of cosmetic work has been done. Some comments even point out that she looks like other celebrities morphed with her.

“That’s Christina Kardashian.”

“That’s Tana Mongeau.”

“That’s Ozympic Aguilera.”

Now this is uncanny valley.”

Other TikTok users seem to think she might have used an AI veil over her face to enhance and change certain features.

“This is not Xtina?! Looks like AI!”

Regardless, the one consensus from the video was that viewers RAN to the comments to ensure they were not the only ones feeling like something was off in this video.

“The way I skedaddled to the comments.”

@xtina Check out #WhatsInMyBag with @menulog 👛💋 #AD ♬ original sound – Christina Aguilera

I mean, compare it to this one:

@xtinaWith so much love… The AGUILERA Vinyl is finally here! ❤️‍🔥 Link in bio 💋

♬ Santo – Christina Aguilera & Ozuna

Is that the same person?

While most of Hollywood does not age like the general public, I think this does look like Christina. She looks like she is baby-faced and stepped onto the scene in 2000, but I don’t think it is as off as some other celebrities that have been called out in the past. Christina Aguilera is going to do what she wants to do, as always, and fans are still going to love the pop sensation.

Take a look at these two Instagram posts and see the resemblance.

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A beer bottle on a dock