Tourist Runs For Her Life When Bull Elk Charges Her At Yellowstone National Park

Elk charges woman at Yellowstone National Park

I think my favorite pass time at this point in my life is watching videos of bozo tourists who believe national parks are a big petting zoo, thinking it’s 100% safe to approach the wildlife without any repercussions.

Of course, the majority of us sane individuals know that this isn’t the case, as national parks warn tourists to stay at least 25 yards away from the wildlife for the safety of both the tourists and the animals…

Because the second that creature feels threatened, it’s not gonna end too pretty for you. We’ve seen countless of examples of this over the years of tourists approaching the wildlife, and then seeing their life flash before their eyes in a mere instant.

Here is yet another example.

This video comes out of Yellowstone National Park, where you can see a woman standing only a few feet away from a bull elk that is just minding its own business on the side of the road. I have to admit, the woman looks like she’s dressed for a “newly divorced” party in Nashville, rather than an average tourist with her cowboy hat on and all.

While she’s trying to take a picture, the bull quickly turns around and begins to charge her. Luckily, the bull shows the woman some mercy, and lets her run back to the car unscathed. Perhaps the best part of the video is her friend laughing her a** off from the car with that good ol’ fashioned diabolical smoker’s cough.

Check it out:

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