Hot Mic Catches Jabrill Peppers Telling Saquon Barkley “You Lucky We A**” After The Giants Beat The Patriots

Jabril Peppers

Mic’d up coming in hot once again…

Whoever thought of putting microphones on NFL players during games deserves a raise because the steady stream of awesome content that comes out of it is truly incredible.

Just this weekend we were able to prove the refs made a bad call by flagging Bears CB Kyler Gordon after his helmet broke and who can forget Aaron Rodgers putting Giants LB Jihad Ward in a bodybag by saying “I’ve never heard of you”?

Well, we’ve got another good one now that’s just hitting the internet.

The Giants and Patriots played each other last weekend in a showdown for which team can be worse. The Blue Men scratched out a 10-7 victory to push the Pats to a shocking 2-9 record which has some people wondering if Bill Belichick is on the hot seat.

After the game, Patriots safety Jabrill Peppers ran over to Giants running back Saquon Barkley to talk with him quickly. The two played together while Peppers was in New York from 2019 to 2021.

As they hug each other, the microphone picks up Jabrill saying:

“You lucky we ass”

I mean he isn’t wrong but my goodness that’s a bad look…

I’m sure he’ll be called in to answer for it at some point soon, but can you disagree with the guy? The team can’t even decide who their QB is and the hopes for a playoff run are already done for, so it’s pretty safe to say the team is in fact ass…

I really, really hope they don’t fine Jabrill for this, but it is the No Fun League, so I’m sure there will be a $50,000 or so penalty leveed on him soon…

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