High Winds Send Window Washer Flying Out Of Swing Stage, Saved By His Harness

Window Washer

Someone’s getting fired for this…

Crazy moments like this are hard to believe without video evidence, and thankfully, it looks like everyone is safe. A group of employees were sent down atop a skyscraper-built crane to wash some windows when the seemingly simple task took a scary turn.

Near the bottom of the massive building, the skywalk contraption begins to swing, where bystanders pick up the phone and start recording. It appears that from the video, there were powerful wind gusts, picking up the metal piece and making it swing wildly from side to side.

While a swaying structure is scary, it worsens for these men on the skywalk. The edge of the structure gets pushed out and starts making a 180-degree turn, suddenly slamming into the glass windows and causing damage to the building. As the other end comes back towards the building, it slams into the building again, breaking even more windows.

Once again, when you think it can’t get scarier…think again.

As the skywalk bounces off of the building, you see a man’s body flip out of it, and he is dangling there like a rag doll. Spectators begin to shriek out of fear for his life, but thankfully for the man, his harness saves him.

This incident happened at Edmonton’s Stantec Tower in 2019, but is now going viral again:

@elsazondecolima A veces salimos de casa pero no sabemos si volveremos 🙏🙀 #fypシ #foryourpage ♬ original sound – Sazon de Colima

The video cuts out, leaving TikTok viewers needing answers about whether the man was safely rescued after the incident. Thankfully he was rescued by firefighters and safely brought down from the horrific scene.

@elsazondecolima #fypシ #foryourpage #cibermonday #hustle ♬ original sound – Sazon de Colima

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