The Young Boy Who Was Smeared As “Racist” For Wearing Native American Headdress And Face Paint At Chiefs Game Is…Actually Native American

Holden Armenta Kansas City Chiefs
Shannon Armenta

That narrative crumbled pretty quick.

Many online were quick to jump on the outrage train after the cameras showed a young fan at the Kansas City Chiefs game this weekend against the Las Vegas Raiders wearing a Native American headdress with his face painted black.

Deadspin writer Carron Phillips posted an article accusing the boy of wearing blackface, while saying that he “found a way to hate Black people and the Native Americans at the same time” by wearing a Native American headdress.

And former ESPN host Dan Le Batard retweeted a post (that’s since been deleted) calling the child racist.

But the narrative quickly crumbled when it was revealed that the fan wasn’t wearing blackface: Half of his face was painted red…you know, like the Chiefs colors.

But that couldn’t stop the self-righteous morality police from shifting the narrative. Instead of “he’s racist for wearing blackface,” it quickly pivoted to “he’s racist for painting his face red while dressed like a Native American.”

On his show, Le Batard doubled down on his accusations that the child’s costume was racist:

“The kid is still in full racist garb.”

Well, it seems that the people who were offended on behalf of the Native Americans were wrong once again…because it turns out, the child is actually Native American himself.

The boy has been identified as Holden Armenta, and in a post on Facebook, his mother Shannon defended her son from accusations that his gameday attire was somehow racist towards Native Americans – by pointing out that young Holden IS Native American.

Not only is Holden himself a Native American, but his grandfather actually sits on the board of the Chumash Indians.

Raul Armenta

Now, I’m sure that none of the people who smeared the CHILD (because it’s important to remember – he’s a CHILD) as racist are going to apologize or walk back their statements. They’ll continue to find some way to justify calling him a racist, despite the fact that he belongs to the group that he’s apparently racist against.

But it just goes to show you how quickly a false narrative can spread on the internet…and what happens when you’re just looking to be offended without knowing the full story.

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