The 15-Yard Penalty Bears CB Kyler Gordon Got For Taking Off His Busted Helmet Is Confirmed To Be Outrageous Via Mic’d Up

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If I missed a clear angle on the ESPN Monday Night Football broadcast of what happened when Kyler Gordon got a 15-yard penalty, forgive me. I was hiding my eyes from that monstrosity of an MNF matchup between Gordon’s Bears and the Minnesota Vikings.

After Chicago’s defense recorded one of its four interceptions of feel-good story Vikings quarterback Joshua Dobbs, Gordon went to celebrate with his teammates. He was flagged 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct because he removed his helmet. Only off a commercial break do I recall seeing the replay of Gordon holding up the broken helmet. We never quite saw what happened.

Shout out to the Bears social team or whomever is in charge of mic’d up stuff for players. Gordon was hot, and Minnesota wideout Brandon Powell was clearly the dude who should’ve gotten a yellow beanie tossed in his direction.

From that otherwise awful 12-10 Bears win, this is objectively, retroactively the most entertaining play that happened by far. It’s not so much that Gordon is the most illuminating hot mic guy. He damn near doesn’t say a single word on this clip. However, we have the conclusive, money-shot camera angle that shows how stupid the officials are for penalizing Gordon here.

Powell punched Gordon repeatedly on the sidelines in addition to destroying his facemask in a way I’ve never seen in all my years watching and covering sports. That’s grounds for ejection, no?

As if Gordon holding up a busted f*cking helmet isn’t reason enough to pick up the flag. LOL. This was the umpteenth example from Week 12 where I was watching refs across the NFL blunder like morons through games, make stupid calls, not know the rules or take approximately a calendar year to clarify where a ball should be spotted.

I’m dying over here. PLEASE, Goodell: Give us officials who are younger, mentally sharper and more athletic most of all. Do it yesterday. I’m not ageist. I just don’t think you should have non-full-time employee fringe senior citizens trying to officiate world-class athletes in a brutally physical sport. Crazy concept, I know!! What a hot take.

Appreciate the refs trying to bail out the home team, however. Other than Matt Eberflus clinging to his job and players trying to show out for prospective new suitors in 2024, why would the Bears be motivated to win that game? For who for what?

Guess it helps when you might already have the No. 1 overall pick thanks to the Panthers’ disastrous trade to acquire Bryce Young atop the 2023 NFL Draft. Carolina has already fired Frank Reich because he couldn’t develop Young. Woof.

If rigging the NFL was a thing or it was “scripted” or whatever, the writers botched that one on Monday. Chicago needs all the help it can get to finally get back on track. That’s too big of a market to be so inept at football. It’s the Bears we’re talking about! Then the Vikings? Overcoming Kirk Cousins’ torn Achilles with a lovable new QB in Dobbs? Why make him throw four picks!? What are we doing??

Of course, this was rather on-brand for the Bears. They would win only when it hurts them to do so. And in spite of a stupid-a** penalty call on Kyler Gordon.

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