Men Getting Painful & Expensive Height Surgeries Are Going Viral Now, And Twitter Has Some Thoughts…

height surgery

Listen, I’m a short guy.

5 feet, 6.5 inches, been that way for years, so I’ve been there and have got super frustrated after needing to climb on the counter to get a jar of pasta sauce from the cupboard’s top shelf while your girlfriend watches then swearing that you’d do anything to change this awful hand you’ve been dealt in this cruel game of life.

But that moment quickly fades and you just shrug your shoulders and say something like “What the heck can you do about it?” and move on.

Well, as I should have guessed, not every person on earth has that same reaction and recently there’s been a lot of videos getting some major traction online of men having surgery to make themselves a little bit taller.

According to the International Center for Limb Lengthening (yes, somehow that is a real place) the surgery involves breaking the leg bones and inserting a telescopic lengthening screw which is then expanded over time to lengthen the leg bones. Some places also offer stem cell injections to speed up recovery, but that is mostly done overseas.

It’s obviously extremely painful and the guys basically have to relearn how to walk and use their new extended legs, all for the sake of being like 5’9″ instead of 5’7.” I can’t imagine the new legs are all that strong and I’m sure there’s going to be a ton of health problems for the rest of their lives, but hey, you should be allowed to make stupid decisions in this world.

Not to mention… it’s VERY expensive. We’re talking well over six figures by the time you’re done with the surgery and rehab.

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The videos above are from a clinic in Istanbul, but a quick Google returns a number of doctors who are performing this surgery here in the good old US of A, meaning this is a trend that’s taking hold worldwide and honestly I hate it.

TikTok is a weird place and some of these videos are getting millions of views, but to my surprise the comment section was actually not entirely blindly supportive of these guys “chasing their dream” like I assumed it would and is filled with a bunch of “Dude, just why?” type comments, but things really escalated when these videos began being cross posted to X.

Here’s some of the best reactions to men getting height surgery:

Some days it’s hard to have faith in humanity, but after reading countless comments like the ones above, maybe there is hope for us after all.

Dudes, let’s be real here. There’s no actual need to make yourself taller. I have yet to see one example of a person having this surgery and then returning to walking normally, let alone doing anything even remotely athletic, so what’s the point? Life isn’t about your height, it’s not about the things you can’t control, it’s about maximizing what’s in your control. Also, let’s not forget… Hollywood is full of short kings, it isn’t all about height, bro.

I really don’t think modern medicine was designed to do this, but hey, what do I know?

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