Guy Nearly Gets Stomped Into The Afterlife Harassing A Moose In Breckenridge, Colorado

Moose kicks guy in Colorado

I’ve only been out to Colorado a couple of times in my life, and both times, I was in Denver in the middle of the summer. However, next time I head out that way, I have to visit Breckenridge, because every time I see a wild video of a moose going rogue on the streets it always seems to come from this city. It seems to be where the idiots flock…

When I first saw this video, the first thing that came to mind was:

“This has to be a tourist.”

Most residents of Colorado are probably so used to seeing moose hanging out on the side of the road, it’s almost like seeing a deer hanging out in a yard where I come from. And at the same time, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you shouldn’t be pestering a 1,000 pound wild animal. With that being said, here’s the perfect example of what NOT to do if you’re encountering a moose for the very first time.

In this video, you can see some bozo with a death wish walking alongside a moose in what appears to be a residential/resort area in Breckenridge. The way they approach it, you’d think they had just walked into the goat pen at a local petting zoo.

Once they cross the street, the person turns their back to the creature, turns back around, and points at it, and that’s when this person nearly saw their life flash before their eyes. The moose proceeds to charge directly towards the person, throws up a few of those powerful front kicks, and even makes contact with the person. It was more or less a warning from the moose who was rather docile about the situation, but it could’ve been WAY worse.

Moose in the United States can weigh up over 1,000 pounds, and stand over 7 feet at the shoulder… just absolutely massive animals. Bulls have big paddle-like antlers on their head, and a devastating kick that is capable of neutralizing tough predators. But both bulls and cows are capable of kicking with both their front and back legs. We just recently saw a video of a snowmobiler who got his leg cracked clean in half from a moose kick.

They generally aren’t very aggressive, as they’d much rather run away than engage in conflict, but the truth is, more people are injured in Alaska by moose than by bears. Why? Because morons like this person try to touch them.

Luckily, this person was able to walk away unscathed, and hopefully they learned their lesson from here on out.

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