Exhausted Buck Collapses Twice Into Freezing Cold Water After Major Fight

deer rut
Justin Hoffman Outdoors

If there’s one video that shows nature strung out to its very limit, this would be the one.

We all love a good video of two bucks throwing down during the rut. Juiced to the gills with testosterone and a chance at breeding with the nearby does standing just on the other side of the competitor staring back into the buck’s eyes, it creates some epic battles that show nature at its harshest, but also its most majestic.

Well, there’s a downside to the highs we see for the victors and that was captured on a trail cam in Ottawa earlier this month.

A large buck is walking just inside the edges of a small body of water and he’s clearly not in great shape. Panting heavily, the creatures legs are shaking as he attempts to walk a few more steps to get to land but he’s unable to carry himself any further and collapses down into the freezing cold water to rest.

The temperature on the video says it was 30 degrees Fahrenheit which means that water could not have been refreshing. The buck stands up and starts pawing at the water in front of him, perhaps unsure of the footing, but his exhaustion overtakes him again and collapses a second time with a loud thud.

My heart is breaking watching this video. The owner of the trailcam added the following in the video’s description:

“This BRUTE whitetail deer buck hits utter exhaustion during the rut this week, collapsing not once but twice in a pool of water at one of the trail cam sites. My guess is a major fight with another buck that took everything completely out of him.

Definitely one of my more insane trail cam video captures of a whitetail buck. The whitetail rut isn’t a walk in the park for these bucks – and hitting the brink of exhaustion is simply a fact of life when it comes time to mate in November.”

Count your lucky stars you were born a human and not a deer or honestly any wild animals.

It’s a rough life out there, even for the best of them.

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