Dads Are Losing Their Mind When Their Daughters Tell Them They Put Diesel In Their Car Because They Thought It Was “Christmas Gas”

TikTok dad prank

This is why dad spends Christmas drinking in the garage.

A prank going around on TikTok has dads losing their mind when their daughters call them to tell them that they accidentally put diesel fuel in their car’s gas tank – because they thought it was “Christmas gas.”

This dad was about to have a heart attack:

“Christmas one? What the hell are you talking about?”

@avery_catherine_wade was about to have a heart attack♬ original sound – Avery

And he wasn’t amused when he found out he was being pranked.

This daughter even got mom in on the joke:

“Your dumbass daughter needs to talk to you for a second.”

Brutal response from dad though:

“Which one of them?”

And he didn’t pull any punches when she said she used the “green Christmas pump” to fill up her tank:

“That’s just about plum stupid.”

@probablyygracee “Fcking Christmas pumps” 😂 im DEAD. #TheRealPussinBoots #TeamBPN30 ♬ original sound – Grace Caroline

He also had some great advice for his daughter:

“You need to get off f*cking TikTok is what you need to do.”

Don’t we all, dad. Don’t we all.

This dad was too stunned to speak, clearly racking his brain to figure out where he went wrong on his parenting journey:

@xoxo.carlyrenee Poor dad. “Do I ruin christmas, or keep my cool.” 🤣 #christmasgasprank #prankchallenge #dadsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Carly Lowrimore

But this one couldn’t help but laugh at the stupidity he was hearing. This is clearly a man who’s been beaten down to the point that nothing surprises him anymore.

Either that, or as the comments suggest, dad was on some of that “Christmas gas” himself and nothing was going to bother him.

@thatssopar #christmasgas @Ken!! ♬ original sound – Peyton

But this dad flew off the handle:

“It’s f*cking diesel you moron.”

@natalieross189 He &lt3s Christmas gas #dieselprank #dadprank #christmasgas #christmas #fyp #pranks #christmas ♬ original sound – Natalie

Poor dad. Just remember these videos when you wonder why he wants to spend the holidays with a cold one in the garage by himself.

“That’s diesel, dipsh*t.”

@madisonboz7 Ignore my side profile and his cussing. Prank 3 on Joey #fyp #prank #diesalprank #christmasgas ♬ original sound – Madison Boswell

@mmtz_024 Christmas gas pumps?! #prank #fyp #fypシ #christmas #dieselprank ♬ original sound – mmtz_

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