Man Holding Antlers On His Head Faces Off With Stomping Buck

Man holding deer antlers

Halloween was a month ago, but it’s never too late to dress up as your favorite animal.

That’s especially the case if you were wanting to give a white-tailed buck in your backyard a scare, and you had an extra set of antlers sitting in your garage. The man in this video either had a lot of time on his hands, or he had been planning this encounter for a while, and something tells me it’s the former and not the latter.

In the clip, a decent sized buck is snacking on some grass below a tree when a man in a sweatshirt and a neon-yellow vest starts walking out towards the wild animal. While holding antlers on top of his head and slowly making his way towards the deer, the man starts lowering his head and stomping on the ground to get the showdown started.

Like clockwork, the deer lowers his head to match and also starts stomping his foot (hoof) on the ground. Either the deer can’t see all that well, or this guy is really doing a great deer impersonation, because the buck legitimately thought it was about to get into an antler clash.

The man and the deer both keep it up as they inch closer and closer to one another, and though I would love to know how it wrapped up and if they ever actually got into a fight, the video cuts off before we get to see how it played out. However, I will say that the lead up to something that never actually paid off is still worth the watch.

And I do have to give credit to the video’s creator for the song selection featured in the intense standoff between the buck and the wanna-be-buck man with the antlers on his head. “Bad News” by Whitey Morgan and the 78’s really sets the tone for the footage, which like I mentioned earlier, is as funny as it gets.

Take a look:

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