Hillclimb Racecar Sends Runaway Deer Flying High Into The Treetops In Classic Viral Video

Hillclimb car hits deer
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They say all things that go up must come down, but this deer may still be airborne.

Hill climb racing is a pretty cool event.

While I’ve not gone myself, my cousin and uncle take an annual outing to see a race in the mountains of Pennsylvania and one of these years I’m going to see it for myself, although I’m probably going to stand a bit further back from the track than most spectators, just in case one flies off the road like they sometimes tend to do.

Here’s a quick compilation of a few crashes, I mean some of these are brutal and there’s people just feet away…

As you can tell, these cars absolutely rip and it’s just a normal road they’re on, meaning danger levels are high, but not just for the drivers and spectators. Since these races happen in the woods, there’s no shortage of wildlife that might meander out onto the track at any given point, an example of which we see in this classic viral video from the Golden Era of YouTube.

We don’t know exactly where this took place, but during one of these hill climb races, a car ripped around a corner right as a deer decided to cross the street. The poor deer gets absolutely launched into the tree tops, probably 20 or 30 feet up. It goes so far we don’t even see it land and for all we know its carcass stuck in a tree top and was left for the vultures to feast on.

Credit where it’s due, that car didn’t slow down one bit and the driver kept on racing, which goes to show just how focused they are and how well built at least some of the cars are. We’ve all at least almost hit a deer while driving in our lives, but I’d venture to say that no one has sent a deer flying as high as this race car did.

Some argue that this video is fake, but I’m not sure… you can see the trees moving as it goes flying up into them, and plus, it’s the magical Christmas season, right? Anything is possible if you believe… right? RIGHT?

Check it out:

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