Deer Goes Full Send Over A Fence & Accidentally High Dives Two Stories Down Into The Dirt

Deer jumps off house

There’s a common belief that cats have nine lives, but how many do deer have?

With how they act around highways, you’d think they have a lot to spare, though things never seem to end well when deer wonder onto the road. They even have a phrase to honor their patented behavior around cars:

“Like a deer in headlights.”

The deer in this video might not have seen an headlights, but it was definitely seeing stars after diving nearly two stories down to the hard ground by this lake house. Obviously, it doesn’t look like it knew it was putting itself in harm’s way, though it was too late to turn back once it was airborne.

In the video, the big buck jumps the fencing of a lake house not knowing that there wasn’t solid ground on the other side. Well, there was, it was just 20 feet below where it thought it was. For a moment, while it was flying through the air like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, the deer kept moving his legs like a cartoon character that had just run off the side of a cliff.

Despite the extra effort, the big ole deer went plummeting back down to Earth, and brutally landed right on its head. By some sort of miracle, the way the buck landed somehow didn’t kill it, and the person filming says that it was able to run off under his own power.

You can even hear someone in the video that witnessed the deer’s fateful fall guess that it broke its neck, but it looks like he didn’t even break off an antler in the process. It was an unfortunate jump, but a fortunate conclusion to a rather scary fall.

The video’s caption states:

“Dangers of an active job site…Where is OSHA when you need it?

All jokes aside, the deer lived…He got up and ran around the house into the woods.”

How in the world did that deer survive?

That’s what everyone in the comment section was trying to figure out after they watched the buck high dive two stories down to the dirt:

“Is that considered ground beef when it landed?”


“Deer are the dumbest animals on the planet, I swear.”

“That deer needs a chiropractor.”

“Never seen another animal besides humans do a scorpion and bro hit the biggest one I’ve ever seen.”

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