Charles Wesley Godwin Shares Stunning Acoustic Rendition Of “Skyline Blues”

Charles Wesley Godwin country music
Youtube/Charles Wesley Godwin

Charles Wesley Godwin doesn’t miss.

On the heels of putting out his major label debut album Family Ties, he’s also been releasing some great live performance videos of songs like “The Flood,” “Two Weeks Gone,” “Willing and Able” and more.

They’re absolutely top tier, and were mostly filmed with his full band at Echo Mountains studios in Asheville, North Carolina, where he recorded the album.

Yesterday, CWG shared a stripped-down, stunning acoustic rendition of “Skyline Blues,” which featured his steel guitarist Read “Two Show” Connolly, who also plays for a one Zach Bryan. This time, he backed up CWG with the dobro, which sounds absolutely perfect on this song.

“Skyline Blues” was a solo write by Charles, and tells the story of a man who is going through a dark time because of a breakup, and finds some tiny semblance of hope, for lack of a better word, in the lights of the skyline.

He also finds himself driving and contemplating life, wondering what’s left for him now and what he should do next.

It’s pretty dark, but absolutely honest and authentic like all of the songs we’re used to from the West Virginia native, and Charles shared part of the video with the caption:

“Read Connolly joining me on dobro and amazing video work by Natalie Rhea. Enjoy!”

Check it out:

The studio cut:

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