Big Buck Says “Not Today” & Stomps The Living Hell Out Of Hunter On The Ground

Deer stomps on hunter

This buck lives to see another day.

I’m going out on a limb here and saying that I think most hunters never expect to be the ones getting hunted when they are out on the land. And this defies all notions of the saying: “They are more scared of you than you are of them.”

Two hunters were out on land when I am assuming, one hunter took his shot at the buck but missed or mildly wounded it, so they came down from the stand. While looking for the buck down from the stand. The buck had alternative plans than to get hunted down in the woods.

While I so badly wish that we saw the initial moments of this interaction, the man behind the camera’s friend picks it up as the deer starts to TAKE DOWN his friend. This buck is fighting for his life to ensure he is not turning into deer jerky.

This deer has the man in camo on the ground and is not letting him go. Every chance this man tries to get away from him, he runs, but the deer is right on him, hitting him with a one, two hoof punch.

This man is getting absolutely battered and beaten by the deer, and I feel like what is going through this deer’s brain is the scenes from Popeye: The Sailor Man where he downed the cans of spinach and gained super strength. He is the Hulk Hogan of deer.

This is a sport that I’d start betting on. And major props to the camera for capturing this moment.

@blaine_anthony Anyone else have a rough hunting season? #deerbeatme #deerhunting ♬ Rocky (Main Theme) – The Intermezzo Orchestra

Just in case y’all didn’t get the Popeye reference, we’ve got you covered.

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