Kansas State Basketball Player Eats A Forearm To The Face, Shakes It Off, & Somehow Gets Thrown Out Of The Game

K state fight

If more basketball games were like this, maybe I’d watch before Spring.

In general, I don’t really tune into college basketball until March Madness is just around the corner and I’m getting ready to lose my buy in on a bracket, but this clip got my blood pumping and makes me want to start watching a little early this year.

Kansas State played Providence tonight and it was a great game that went into overtime with Kansas State squeaking out a 3 point victory, but there was a moment in overtime where tempers rose and fists flew that is all people will remember from the game.

Two freshmen, Dai Dai Ames from KSU and Garwey Dual from Providence were jockeying for position near Providence’s bench and it looked like both players were shoving each other equally when Dual suddenly bent over and it seemed like he may have gotten hurt during the exchange. Then, he stood upright, took a few steps toward Ames and straight up clocked him in the face with his forearm.

Granted, it was a basketball shot so really more of a vigorous one arm shove, but the intent was clear; he was trying to hurt him.

Ames eat the shot like a champ and immediately began trying to walk Dual down, but players from both teams jumped in and separated the two to prevent any retaliatory shots.

After things settled, the referees announced that, obviously, Dual was ejected, but they also shocked a ton of people by throwing out Dai Dai Ames as well, which quite honestly leaves me scratching my head. Sure, the two were in a bit of a pushing match before the punch, but is the punch not clearly worse than anything that happened prior?

Hey, I’m no basketball expert so maybe this was the right call, but I just don’t understand how a guy that got punched in the face and didn’t do anything in return gets the same punishment as the guy who punched him, but hey, rules are complicated.

Take a look below, do you think Ames should have been thrown out? Be sure to let us know.

He also threw a knee at Ames earlier in the game:

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