Deer Gets Rescued From Ditch Only To Turn Around & Jump Right Back In

Deer stuck in hole

An act so nice they had to do it twice.

This goes to show that sometimes wild animals do not have the highest IQ score. Example A: this deer that got stuck in a trench. Not once, but twice.

Two men found a doe stuck big time in a skinny little ditch belly up with no hope of getting out. Being a good Samaritan, they reach down in there and pull the doe out. While it’s not the prettiest sight trying to get the deer out, they got him back on his four feet.

At one point in the video, I am even questioning how the deer got down in there because he seems wider than the opening he fell into.

Once the deer is out, the men try and attempt (Notice how I used a keyword there… attempt) to block off the trench as the deer frantically tries to find its bearings. In the frazzled state, the deer runs right back into the trench, getting itself stuck again.

The men take a few steps to the second location of the fallen doe and pick it up from its scruff like a mama bear does with her cubs. During the second rescue, the men pull the deer out and get it going on its way in the opposite direction of the trench.

Just when you think this doe has had a bad day… it keeps getting worse. As it’s running freely away, it hits a tree and flies sideways.

At this point, if I was this deer, I think I’d throw in the towel and call it.

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