Gerrit Cole Had To Think Hard About Who He Wants Next To Him While Receiving His Cy Young Award (Even Though She Was Literally Right Next To Him)

Gerrit Cole
MLB Network

This past MLB season, New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole was about as dominant as they come. The man boasted a 15-4 record, with a staggeringly low ERA of 2.63.

Ultimately, this led to him winning the 2023 Cy Young Award, which is the annual award given to the best pitchers in the MLB.

Now there are two things for certain about Cole…

He’s a beast of a pitcher and a future Hall of Famer, and… he’s also not the best with words.

Now I get it, words are tough sometimes, and they’re even tougher when you’re put on the spot and have to think of something to say. However, it takes Cole just a little bit longer to think of those words, just like this speech he gave to his Yankees teammates last season:

“Yeah, so, you know…”

With that being said, Cole’s “great way with words” were on full display when he was being interviewed by the MLB Network crew for winning the Cy Young.

Cole stuttered through the whole interview, but perhaps the best part was when Pedro Martinez asked him who he would want standing by his side while receiving this award. With his wife sitting right next to him, he had to really think about who he would want standing next to him while winning the award:

“Ooo, I think it would probably be…

(Long pause…)

It would be tough not to say Amy right next to me, I mean she’s been there since, you know, I was just a kid at school, and she’s supported me through all different aspects and journeys of our life, and moving to New York and setting up the home with our kids during the pandemic and kind of being that rock for all of us as we transition to a new place.

She plays a big role behind the scenes, and so she’s the one I’d like sitting right next to me when I receive it for sure.”

Atta boy, Gerrit. Way to save that one. I mean, how long is too long, when you’re trying to think of who you want to share your largest career accomplishments with? Especially, when they’re sitting right next to you?

Cole in the doghouse or nah?

You can check out the full conversation below:

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