Dolly Parton Says The Conspiracy Theory That She Lives A Double Life Like Hannah Montana “Could Be True”

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Just when I thought I’d heard it all…

Dolly Parton has been doing all sorts of press in the lead-up to the release of her first rock and roll album Rockstar this Friday, and in one interview with Etalk, they pulled out the figurative tin foil hats.

Dolly was asked if she knows anything about the viral conspiracy theory on TikTok from a couple years ago that she is the real-life version of Hannah Montana, where she puts on her signature blonde wig, makeup and flashy clothes when she’s out in public doing events, so that no one recognizes her when she goes out without all of that “stuff.”

The idea is that would allow her to lead a more quiet, normal life when she does things like run to the grocery store (but does Dolly Parton do her own grocery shopping? That’s kinda hard to believe too, but I digress…).

Here are a few quick videos that explain a little bit more:

@soshethinkssheisfunny I need to know right now if this is factual #dolly #parton #mileycyrus #hannahmontana #theories #that #could #be #true ♬ original sound – So She Thinks She Is Funny

And this one…

@_gabsnyc Like I swear Hannah Montana was actually based on her #dollyparton #superman #clarkkent #hannahmontana #bestofbothworlds ♬ original sound – Gabs🦋🍒

Honestly, it sounds less like a conspiracy and more like something that’s just smart, and I think the concept could go for most celebrities you would see in public when they’re not all glammed up, either.

I mean, I think most people would walk right by Eric Church if they saw him walking down the street without his signature aviators

Of course, Dolly has long been known for her over the top signature look, and has stated on multiple occasions that she modeled it after the town tramp she used to see around town growing up in the mountains of east Tennessee.

And if you’re a believer in this “double life, Hannah Montana” idea, her answer to whether it’s true or not might only convince you further that there’s something to it, when she replied:

“I can see that, but who knows… it could be true.”

She’s also said before that she gets up at 3AM to put on her makeup, and also sleeps in it at night, because she never wants to be seen not looking like Dolly Parton, so who knows…

Maybe she’s had us all fooled for the better part of 60 years now. Now that’s something I could certainly believe:

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